The Plastic Spoon is a food photography and production group. We specialize in social media food content and TV production. Established as an industry leader since 2016, The Plastic Spoon started creating food content for local restaurants, brands and TV shows. David, the founder, quickly became an Instagram personality which opened doors to work with the Norwegian Cruise Lines, The Weather Channel Group and dozens of other iconic brands.

Our services include:

– Food Video

– Food Photography

– Event Recap Videos

– TV Show Filming & Production

It All Started As A Blog…

Thank you for visiting our blog (The Plastic Spoon)


I’m a guy who loves to try new foods and go on adventures to places I have never been before. Life is to short to miss out on new experiences and the friends we make along the way. My passion for food has taken me all over Miami and online where I taste test all sorts of fun food products.

I started food blogging in 2016 when I realized that I critiqued everything I ate – including my mom’s food. Looking back, that wasn’t such a good idea. She didn’t like it too much…

Visiting food trucks and eating something new was my idea of a good time. These good times turned into Yelping and taking photos of everything I ate. Before I knew it, I started a food blog (The Plastic Spoon) and the rest is history.   

Turns out I am not a good critique. I seem to always rate food kindly and have a fantastic time tasting everything I eat. I am an honest foodie that just wants to enjoy the yummy parts of life. I’ll try anything!

Where Did The Name “The Plastic Spoon” Come From?

My roots come from quite a mix of Hispanic and Americano heritage. I grew up eating southern, home cooking and love a good apple pie. Every summer I would go up to North Carolina to our grandparent’s mountain house. Although I love the city, I also love the woods and getting my hands dirty. This all influenced my taste buds and what I believe to be good food.

The Plastic Spoon comes from loving simple, hearty meals. If a food truck can make it, I’ll probably love it! I can be fancy when I am invited to be, but my true passion is about the simple things in life – BBQ, Pizza and a great burger!

I am not the silver spoon or the golden spoon, I am The Plastic Spoon because almost every cookout has some there.

David from (The Plastic Spoon)

The Plastic Spoon

Hello, my name is David and I have an eating problem. I’m addicted. Well, that’s what people say at least. To be honest, I have no problem eating at all! I actually quite enjoy a nice midnight snack 🙂

I’m mostly a media guy. I went to school at FIU for digital media and never stopped learning new things. But, when I’m not writing, filming, taking photos or building a website, I like to eat. Plus, I’ll do anything outdoors or play my guitar. I’m a simple, straight shooter. I love my family, country and everything the good Lord has blessed me with- including food!  

My dream is to travel, eat and share my adventures with people who want to follow my story. There is no time like the present; I’m starting now! Miami is a beautiful city with all sorts of new adventures to go on every day.

Instagram: @davidxfuertes

LinkedIn: David Fuertes