(VIDEO) Hot Sauce Jell-O With Frances Santana

Hot Sauce Jell-O Interview with @Thefransan

We eat hot sauce Jell-O at Ethos Greek Bistro with our guest @thefransan on Instagram. She’s a lifestyle blogger making a name for herself across South Florida.

Who Is Frances Santana?

Frances is a wonderful friend and lifestyle sweetheart who is taking over Miami!

She’s an active Instagram model, foodie and woman with a passion to help. Good friends
can be hard to come by, but Frances Santana is just that – a good friend.

She’s the type of girl who will get out of bed at 3AM to help a friend in need.

Frances Santana

Frances Santana’s Path to Success

“I have always been an entrepreneur at heart owning businesses at an early age.

I started working when I was 16 years old…

Attending college was not my immediate focus. Although, I can comprehend that college gives you an edge. I never felt the need to pursue a degree to occupy a job I would dislike. Life is the best teacher in my opinion.”

Frances Santana

Frances’ Food and Lifestyle Account

Frances Santana is your average person who believes in achieving her dreams and never giving up. She’s a wife, friend and someone who sees the good in everyday people.

What makes her special?

She actually accomplishes her goals!

Her passion is to become a lifestyle influencer and nothing will hold her back!

“My biggest motivation is the desire to succeed.

The desire to accomplish my goals and dreams.

Long ago I made a decision that no matter what gets in my way I will persevere and make it happen.

We are always in control of our outcome. Every day in this world there’s a little boy or girl dreaming about achieving something great. Well, that was me since very young. I wanted to push beyond the norm and be one to inspire others to do more and be better.

So just when I want to give up I remind myself of the little girl who always wanted to conquer the world!

I promised myself I wouldn’t retreat when things get tough or let society conform me into thinking that my dreams don’t matter.

That won’t be me!

Chasing the best version of me is what I am after.”   

Frances Santana

Frances Santana’s Favorite Food

During my conversation with Frances Santana, I asked,If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why”?

“Where to begin answering this question!

I enjoy so many things but If I had to narrow it down it would have to be pizza!

When I think of food I think of an experience.

I think of the most beautiful times I’ve had while eating and sharing that meal.

Coming together to celebrate a life or new beginning. Pizza does just that! It reminds me of great people, happiness and adventure.”

My follow up question was, “What is one of your most favorite food events you’ve been to?”

“The most exciting food event I have been to would have to be an event at Terrazas restaurant in Hallandale. Everything was perfect from the food to the environment and decor.

What an Amazing experience!

I also met great people while attending which Is always a plus.”

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