EATING Hot Sauce Jell-O with @foodvibesonlymiami (VIDEO)

(Spooning With David) and Dana from @foodvibesonlymiami at Ethos Greek Bistro.

I interviewed Dana from @foodibesonlymiami while eating my home made hot sauce Jell-O and talking about South Florida’s best and worst food.

When and why did you start @foodvibesonlymiami ?

“ I started in February 2018 after some inspiration from my cousin’s Instagram @breakfastalwayswins! Miami is growing tremendously (in the gastronomic world) and I wanted people to experience it with me through my Instagram!”

Are there any up and coming Miami food trends we should know about?

“I think the new trend in Miami is Food Courts! There are places that have recently opened such as St. Roch Market, Jackson Hall, and 1-800-Lucky that are definitely changing the cuisine in Miami! “


Is there a cuisine you enjoy blogging about the most with @foodvibesonlymiami?

“Not specifically cuisine but I like to focus more on the “hidden gems” in Miami. I believe they are the ones that give it the most charm and are definitely the most delicious and underrated. I prefer not to mention them so I could have them all to myself 😉 (you’ll have to check out my blog to find out!)”

How has your blog @foodvibesonlymiami changed the way you eat at restaurants?

“Before I started the blog I was very healthy and only ate fish or salads when I went to eat out. Now what I do is try to order the most crazy and fattening meal on the menu! It’s what attracts the public more!”


Are there any quintessential Miami restaurants you’d recommend to first-time visitors?

“ Yes of course! I recommend a new one called Palat! It has a mix of Mediterranean and American tapas which are incredibly good! Another one that I love is Lettuce and Tomato (wow) which is located in the Aventura area! Such a good place!!”

What’s the most mind-blowing dish you’ve experienced with @foodvibesonlymiami?

“The most mind-blowing is definitely a cheese wheel at Sapore di Mare in Coconut Grove! The spaghetti was cooked inside a cheese wheel with truffle and mushroom…I’ve never seen it anywhere else in Miami! “


Are there any common misconceptions out-of-towners have regarding the Miami food?

“Yes, I think foreigners believe that Miami does not have any gastronomical culture, but they are completely wrong! Miami has grown the past 5 Years enormously in this sense! It’s a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures and they have achieved in mixing different types of foods together! What really exemplifies this are the Food Courts! I think there are far more choices here than any other city in the U.S.!”

Special Thanks To Ethos Greek Bistro

I wanted to thank Ethos Greek Bistro for opening up their restaurant to us!

It’s South Florida’s best Greek food and a must try menu.

Watch my food adventure VIDEO to the Wilton Manors location.    


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