Cutest Food Couple In Miami @MrAndMrsEats

Cutest Food Couple In Miami (@MrAndMrsEats)

@MrAndMrsEats are a beautiful couple that have found a hobby they both love. Yep! That hobby is food blogging!

@MrAndMrsEats is a yummy Instagram account that explores Miami in search of the best places to eat and drink.

Their real names are Rachel and Peter and I’ve personally gotten the chance to connect with them because of an Instagram food chat we are both a part of.


How Did Rachel and Peter From @MrAndMrsEats Meet?

“We met in NYC over an exceptional dinner in SoHo. We immediately connected over our love of food!

We spent our time in Manhattan trying out every restaurant we could and showing each other all of our favorite spots to eat.

After sharing MANY meals together, we decided to spend a life together.

We got married and moved to sunny Florida and started our exploring down here.”


What more could a food blogger ask for! That sounds like the perfect start to a beautiful relationship!  

They have been married for one year and fall more in love each day!


Who are Rachel and Peter?

They are just normal people with day jobs, a dog and a passion for exploration.

By day, Peter and Rachel both have full time jobs.

Not too exciting… But don’t judge them just yet!

When they clock out, the party begins!

“When we are not eating out we love exploring all that South Florida has to offer… whether it be an art festival, farmers market or air show, we are there!

We also love to go to speakeasies, breweries and jazz clubs.


Side note I forgot to mention, we have a dog!

He is so sweet! His name is Baxter (after Anchorman) and he is a Shih Tzu!”


What Is @MrAndMrsEats Favorite Food?

For me, (The Plastic Spoon) the hardest question to answer is “what is your favorite food”?

Ugh… there is just too much food out there to ever pick one “favorite”!

Instead, let’s make it a little easier and ask @MrAndMrsEats the following:

“If you could only eat three different meals for the rest of your life, what would they be and why”?

Mrs. Eats: “Sushi (still on the hunt for South Florida’s best sushi) Truffle anything and grilled cheese! I have never met a grilled cheese I don’t love.” Mr. Eats: “Pizza (especially thin crust), Any authentic ramen and a perfectly cooked ribeye”  


Food Adventures With @MrAndMrsEats

One of the perks of food blogging is being able to go to amazing food events!

They are always lots of fun, and you get to eat and drink some of the best food around!

Well, @MrAndMrsEats feel the same way!

“We attended the JWU Zest Awards in April which was really such a treat (no pun intended)!

It was a blast getting to meet leaders in the South Florida food industry both long-standing and up and coming.

It was also nice to see chefs and restaurants earn awards for their exceptional culinary skills and hard work! Oh, and the food was absolutely delicious!”


Contact @MrAndMrsEats

Instagram: @MrAndMrsEats



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