(VIDEO) Spoon With David And @BandEats

We eat hot sauce Jell-O while learning about the woman behind @bandeats.

If you are a foodie in Miami or just love to look at food-porn, than you  have probably seen @bandeats on Instagram.

The woman behind this yummy account is Miri Ramos.

She’s a photographer, amateur chef and traveler..

Watch us eat hot sauce Jell-O while getting to know @bandeats

Before The Food Blog, What Did @BandEats Do?

More often than not, lots of foodies that end up on social media tend to take an interest in media. Well, at least that’s true for Miri.

“I went to the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. I majored in Public Communications and specialized in Public Relations and Advertising.”  

It was such a passion of hers that she even considered it to be her favorite subject.

“My favorite class was Public Relations. Why? Because I got to be the representative/agent of image and information to a company/organization/person. Therefore, I was able to focus on improving the image they had with their audiences and markets.”

Spoon With David And @BandEats

What Is @BandEats Favorite Event?

“My favorite event would have to be Cochon 555! I loved seeing different chefs competing and using their creativity in their menus. It was a fun and delicious event, that I would gladly enjoy going back to.”

Spoon With David And @BandEats

What’s @BandEats motivation to keep blogging when things get tough?

The truth is food blogging is amazing! You get to eat the best and most high class food in the world.

But making videos, taking photos and posting it all while trying to build a real following takes time.

lots of time!

“I believe in the saying, “If you don’t work for it, you don’t value it”.  That’s why I believe in timing.Timing is everything and building this #Bandeats blog has been a very interesting and adventurous journey. I have gotten to meet incredible people who also share the same passion for food, fashion & photography.”

Contact Miri Ramos from @BandEats

Instagram: @BandEats

Email: miriacelisramos@gmail.com

Special Thanks To Ethos Greek Bistro

I wanted to thank Ethos Greek Bistro for opening up their restaurant to us!

It’s South Florida’s best Greek food and a must try menu.

Watch my food adventure VIDEO to the Wilton Manors location.    


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