The Social Club (South Beach Seafood Festival) 2018

The South Beach Seafood Festival is right around the corner and The Social Club will be serving their best seafood dishes.

In preparation for the South Beach Sea Food Festival, I took a trip to visit my friend Chef Jeffery Williams. He’s the executive chef for The Social Club and is the palate behind their to-die-for menu.

The Social Club (South Beach Seafood Festival) 2018

What The Social Club?

The Social Club is one of the famous party spots on South Beach.

You’ve probably seen it on Social media or TV because they host events like Miami Swimsuit week, South Beach Food & Wine Festival, and other huge parties.

What you might NOT know…

The Social Club serves up Miami’s top brunch and dinner menu.

No joke, what you’re about to see can’t be accurately described with words.

What Did I Eat At The Social Club?

Chef Williams personally picked out and prepared two of his signature dishes for me.

We started out with…

Clams in a dashi broth with fried pork belly and green onions.

It was paired with a prosecco, bourbon cocktail. Honestly, shout out to the mixologist, Andreas! He really knows how to make drinks!

Second, we had the Argentinian red shrimp with a chorizo sauce.


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